The Water Balance Express is an excellent tool, showing some of the ways that rivers and streams in the Township of Langley can be sustained. It supports the Township’s Sustainability Charter, which aims to conserve and enhance our environment, promote stewardship, and increase biodiversity and natural capital. Rivers and streams are part of that natural capital, and are impacted by alterations of natural forested land cover. The Water Balance Express applications for “Slowing, Sinking, and Spreading Rainwater” can help identify opportunities for mitigating those impacts.

The Township of Langley is doing its part to protect natural areas and to slow, sink and spread rainwater. Protection of greenways and riparian areas is embedded in the Official Community Plan. Standards and requirements are in place to implement rainwater management concepts as part of new projects, subdivisions and developments. The concepts are achieved by providing infrastructure such as detention ponds, rain gardens, and infiltration trenches.

We encourage you to try the Water Balance Express to see what changes you can do on your property to promote positive impacts!